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SArah Silver

- Craniosacral & Energy Therapist

Sarah is a compassionate therapist who specializes in Spiritual, Physical and Energy Healing, offered as a one service therapy option called Aligned Therapies in her booking platform.


Her passion lies in helping her clients realign their physical experience through resolving trauma or emotional distress the body may be retaining and unable to process.


In addition to her therapy practice, she also offers exceptional mentorship support through group and 1:1 programmes which include healing and mentorship.

Sarah works with everyone, and is deeply passionate about supporting individuals into realizing their own remarkable and unique gifts in this world, which includes their ability to heal self.

Areas of interest

As a mother of four children, she is passionate about whole family energetic support and allowing all members of a family to receive the care they need, for greater family harmony.


Wednesday 9AM-3PM


Sheena Roberts
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