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Simone hayward

- Psychotherapist -

I believe that the relationship we have with ourselves is paramount for personal growth, awareness and understanding. Only when we know ourselves with compassion, can we invite others into our lives without judgement and with respect.

Relationships are based on communication, boundaries, love and empathy. When we learn these skills we develop more meaningful relationships and can live more fulfilling lives. The therapy journey with me is one filled with care, compassion, empathy, safety and hope. 

Areas of interest

My 15 years of experience in the field has taught me that therapy is not just for times of crisis. It works well for reflection, developing self awareness, instilling emotional safety, sitting with vulnerability,  improving sense of self and learning skills and strategies to live a full and happy life.


I trained in UK as a Social Worker and practiced in a wide range of agencies, until I moved to New Zealand in 2009. My experience has always been focused on building safe, therapeutic relationships. This allows us to journey together; with me anchoring you in compassion and empathy. I am currently doing my Post Graduate Diploma in Psychotherapy. This is specifically to study the Conversational Model; a psychoanalytic perspective of Psychotherapy which is suited to both short term and long term therapy. 

I am a registered Social Worker, member of ANZASW and of Australia and New Zealand Association of Psychotherapy (ANZAP)

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 "Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations"

  • EAP (Employee Assistance Programme) – Benestar

  • ACC Sensitive Claims (Sexual Abuse)

  • TPC (Taranaki Primary Connections) – Referral via GP

  • Private Clients $125+GST


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